You Can’t Handle “The Truth”

After the Momma Dude debacle, I was ready to just say no more with the whole adding in any more guys to my HotWife experience.  Unfortunately, Thor was having work issues, and we were not going to be able to meet anymore.  At least for a long while.  His schedule and mine simply were not meshing.  It was early February, weather kept a bitch indoors even in the south, and my body and spirit were getting restless daily.  It took less than a week of no sex, and my pussy decided to write its own Craigslist post for dick.  It wanted a big one, a thick one and it wanted it yesterday.

This time, I received a reply from a young Army soldier.  He was in his early twenties, and his reply spoke to me.  He was funny, articulate, and based on the body and dick pic he sent, he was one beautiful black man.  My pussy immediately flooded my panties and wanted him.  I replied, and we began emailing back and forth for over a week.  I loved messaging him, and found myself looking forward to receiving replies.  I sent him some body pics, including ones of the lady bits, and he seemed eager to introduce his dick to my vagina, and that bitch was rebelling at being made to wait to meet The Truth.  You guessed it.  I immediately named my newest FWB The Truth.  I mean, if you saw his cock, which was over 8″ and as thick as a Coke can, you would see why!  When my husband saw the pictures, his first response was Can you handle that?  So, because I am always quoting that line from the movie, I decided the only name for that monster was The Truth.

The hubs and I met him at a really nice hotel close to the base.  He seemed shy at first.  We sat on the couch in the suite, while the hubs drifted to the background so we could get comfortable with each other.  It didn’t take long, and we were laughing and joking and being a little dirty in our talk, just as we had been in our emails.  When I touched his leg once while laughing, it was like a switch flipped in us both.  The next thing I knew, my husband was forgotten, my lips were attached to The Truths, we were both naked on the bed and he was slowly letting his dick say hello to my pussy.  Honestly, I don’t think I have ever felt anything so amazing before in my life.  It was like his cock was the missing part to my vagina.  He stretched me beyond belief, beyond the point of pain, but it felt like the clouds in the sky had parted and sun was shining on my nether regions.  I was hurting, I was almost in tears he was stretching me so badly, but I was cumming within seconds because the pain brought on so much pleasure.  He looked at me, tears running down my cheeks, lips quivering from the pain, teeth clenched, yet my pussy clutching him through orgasm after orgasm, and he whispered in my ear, You like that pain don’t you?  I could only nod my head.  I didn’t just like it, I LOVED IT.

One of the best things about The Truth, he could cum over and over again and he would stay hard.  That night, he fucked me missionary, on our sides, cowboy, reverse cowboy, doggy ( a few times), and he never deflated.  He filled a half-dozen condoms, and that dick NEVER went down.  I came over a dozen times during the two and a half hour nonstop sex session.  By the time he finally had to leave, my head was swimming, my legs could not hold me up, and I was panting like I had forced my fat ass to run a marathon.  My husband was smiling because he had watched the whole thing, recorded a lot of it, and he knew from the look on my face that I was addicted.

While there will be many more posts about The Truth, because he was my FWB for almost six months, I would tell him this about our first encounter….

You changed me that first night.  There was something about you that connected with a part of me that I had no idea existed.  I would not know that night the way we connect, that you would introduce me to a life of bondage, pain, pleasure and excitement, but you showed me then that I could enjoy pain.  That you and I could enjoy it together.  If I had known that night what I know now, I still would not change anything.  You made me feel sexy.  You made me feel like needing rough sex and needing it often was OK.  You made me realize that sex was not always about love, but about freeing your spirit and body and simply enjoying another person.  I became addicted to you from the first moment you entered me.  I am grateful to you for making that night so amazing.  We will have more fun together, but I measure all experiences now by that night.  I so showed my husband and myself that I CAN handle the truth….very well.


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